Monday, 2 November 2009

One of the best things about autumn is going for a long walk on a crisp, clear day and then getting home and getting cosy inside! I've been busy making things for Etsy and Folksy, including some lavender mice with flowers harvested from the garden, and shell necklaces with shells recently collected from a trip to Devon.

I'm also really excited about visiting the MISI makers event in Bristol on the 7th November - this Saturday! see for more details.


  1. Wow what an interesting background, where do you work as a molecular biologist? I love your greeting cards with the drawings of butterflies or fish. Would definately like to see more of those!
    Good luck with the blog by the way Xx

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  3. Thanks Olly! I work in Bristol, for the university. I love your blog - and your website too. I may have to ask you for some tips at some point!