Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My first post!

Hi everyone,

I am a bit new to all of this, so bear with me while I figure it all out! Firstly I will introduce myself - I am Sacha, I live near Bristol and have recently obtained a Phd in Botany. My day job at the moment is a post-doctoral researcher, and in my spare time I enjoy creating things, being outside and riding my beautiful horse. All these things inspire me and as I have such a rubbish memory I recently started keeping a diary of all the things that I have enjoyed or discovered. These range from recipes, gardening tips, weird and wonderful plants, artists on Etsy and Folksy, places to visit, projects and lots more! I have found this very satifying to write and to go back and look through. I have shops on Etsy and Folksy, where I sell some handmade items (jewellery, paintings, textiles) and I am trying to put together a website. The idea of starting a blog came to me from those I have read from other sellers, and I would like to try and make my blog an on-line version of my 'diary', in case anyone would also enjoy things that I have.

Sacha x

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